About Percy

This is a blog about our ownership of an iconic London taxi for our own private use in West London. Percy the taxi is a black 1992 LTI Fairway Driver (Bronze Advantage) who stopped plying his trade on the streets of London in November 2012. He’s been with my wife Nina and I since December 2012, and is a proud member of the London Vintage Taxi Association.

Fairway Driver River Thames Medmenham

Having officially retired, he now has a new stainless steel radiator mesh, complete with LVTA badge, Lucas Spotlights at the front (yet to be connected), an artificial daisy garden in the rear shelf, solar powered daisy lights with artificial ivy in the partition and soft cushions and blankets in the passenger bench.

Fairway Driver stainless steel radiator mesh and LVTA badge

Fairway Driver daisy rear shelf

Percy has traveled over 458,000 miles around the streets of London, powered by a Nissan 2.7L diesel engine, coupled with a Garrett turbo system to comply with Euro emission rules when he was still working.

His life as an ex London taxi now involves trips to see family and friends in London, to day’s out in the countryside every few weekends.

He has taken part in the LVTA Cabalcade 2013 with a procession through central London, which concluded with a display of 50 FX4’s and Fairway Drivers in Marble Arch on the 7th April 2013.

Fairway Driver Bronze Advantage parked Marble Arch


13 thoughts on “About Percy

  1. Hi Paul,
    I really love your ‘Percy the taxi’ blog site and its so nice to see your cab being so well looked after. I fondly (not) remember being out in the rain leading up to last Christmas trying to get the front wing back on and painted ready for you to collect. Early ‘J’ reg Fairway Advantage models are quite rare so look after her!
    Best wishes,

    • Hi Graham,

      What a pleasant surprise! Glad you like our blog.
      Thanks so much for your kind comment and for working in the rain to get Percy’s front wing back on ready for us to collect. We really appreciated it as it meant we could visit our family in Percy in time for our Christmas get together.
      Percy is a real pleasure to own and we look forward to many more days out and memories with him.
      Kind regards
      Paul, Nina and Percy

    • Hi Kat,

      We had quotes from Adrian Flux, Lancaster Insurance, and Footman James as well as Peter Best.
      However, for us a limited mileage classic car insurance policy with Peter Best was most suitable and cheapest for us.
      I’ve also read that Tesco, Sainsburys and The AA have quoted for other Fairway Driver owners.

      The ‘my black taxi’ blog has a good post about insurance for privately owned Fairway Taxis.

      We hope this helps and good luck,

      Paul, Nina and Percy

  2. I like you Taxi blog, I have just bought an ex London 1997 Fairway, I noticed your cab has what looks like a taxi plate on the back. I am looking for somthong like that to put on my cab as it looks better than just having 4 holes how did you obtain yours?

      • Hi thank you for you help on the taxi plate l will try and contact him. A plate just finish the back of better than the for holes.

  3. Hi Paul,

    Hope all is well with you and the family, and Percy! Just to advise you that I have another small batch of replica PCO plates suitable for the Fairway as well as a few remaining pre-war style for those that live in London.

    Best wishes,


  4. Thanks for sharing your news about Percy. It inspired me to take the plunge and I now run a 1996 Fairway as our family car in Panama – with a five-month old daughter, she’s more than proved her worth!

    As yet, she’s the only one anywhere in Central America and is proving a joy to own… You can find her on Facebook as London Taxi in Panama

    Good luck with Percy and I look forward to reading further updates from you all.

    Very kindest regards


    • Hi Barry,

      Many thanks for your comment and for reading our blog. We feel honoured to have contributed in a small way towards your decision to own the only Fairway taxi in Central America! That’s fantastic.
      Congratulations on your new addition to the family (your daughter) but also your 96 Fairway.
      We hope you enjoy many happy miles with your London Taxi in Panama.

      Kind regards

      Paul, Nina and Percy

  5. Hello Paul

    I have a 1997 Fairway (with the somewhat unimaginative name of Blackie) who is now comfortably retired in the South of France. I need to replace the battery and it seems that not only are many makes of UK battery are not available in France, the UK has a unique battery referencing system so it is a little tricky to match a French battery to its UK equivalent. I see from your blog that you recently replaced Percy’s battery with a Buffalo Bull 105ah. Buffalo Bill batteries are available in France and I was wondering which model you chose and whether you are happy with it. I can then hopefully try and find the French equivalent.

    Many thanks, Neal

    • Hi Neal,
      The model number I can see is Uk Ref 663. We’re happy with it, starts percy in the depths of winter. Just make sure you get one with an Ah above 100 as I gather any lower and they struggle to turn over the diesel engine in winter.
      Good luck,
      Paul and Nina

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