‘Percy, Percy!’

I almost forgot we had a blog it’s been so long since our last post! Life appears to be moving at a hundred miles an hour. We hope everyone has had a lovely Easter break and enjoying the warm spring sunshine and longer evenings. Cold, dark, winter nights finally behind us!

Percy has been ageing (rusting) gracefully, with very little issues. We may have developed a slow puncture in the rear left tyre, and he might have a leak from the sunroof, or just the roof, after Nina spotted a small puddle of water on a plastic bag in the front passenger side area after a night of heavy rain. However, there were no wet marks on the ceiling and it didn’t leak when we were driving in rain. Hopefully it was some sort of condensation or the sunroof was left ajar.

Other than that and a few rust holes being a few centimeters bigger now, I can scarcely believe this 23 year old work horse is not far off the condition we first bought him in a few years ago.

We spent the Easter break in Tunbridge Wells, with Percy fully loaded with what felt like all our earthly possessions but he made the 55 miles journey without fuss.

We had lunch at the Mark Cross Inn on Monday and having parked up, an elderly gentleman seemed intrigued by Percy. He asked if he was an ex London taxi and what mileage he had done. I told him roughly 463,000 miles, and he said he didn’t believe me, so I opened the door to the driver’s seat and asked him to see for himself. He looked and said ‘no, really? wait, let me see again,’ and I’m not kidding, he got his magnifying glass out of his pocket (people still carry these around?), looked again and said ‘463,000 miles?! it really doesn’t look like it’s done that many miles,’ but I assured him it has, and that Percy doesn’t sound like he’s done that many miles as the engine is very sound, but if he looked at the chasis and bodywork (even without magnifying glasses) he could definitely see the mileage.

The problem with owning and driving a black taxi in London when you have a baby, who is just learning to speak, is that your taxi just becomes like any other to them.
Baby on Fairway Driver Taxi bonnet

Nina was walking with Cabette from her nursery to the bus stop when they passed a taxi rank by Hammersmith tube station. There was a black TX2 parked up at the rank, and Cabette walked over pointing at it saying ‘Percy, Percy,’ and the driver asked if she wanted to get in. Nina had to interject and explain that we drive a taxi and that Cabette thinks it’s her taxi.

I have a feeling this won’t be the last time this happens! There are almost 40,000 working black cabs in London I believe. That’s a lot of Percys!