Fairway in town

Hope everyone has had a good Christmas and New Year.
Fairway driver taxi christmas wreath
It’s been a hectic past few weeks with Christmas and Cabbette’s birthday so close together.

Percy has been quite busy too, taking us to grandparents in Tunbridge Wells and back, a friends birthday lunch in Knebworth, and nephew’s birthday party in Epsom. He’s been reliable as ever throughout if a little cold.

He passed his MOT with no advisories too!

I renewed his insurance with Peter Best insurance on 3000 miles fully comp and a commute to one place of work and breakdown cover for a little over £200. We only drove 1900 miles last year so that should be plenty.

With Cabette taking up much of our focus and rightly so, Percy has had to play second fiddle, including rocking last year’s Christmas decorations. I simply haven’t had time to even notice any new decorations for him.

Fairway Driver Christmas bauble

He’s quite a celebrity on our street now though, so it’s good to know that he puts a smile on people’s faces when they come home.

Speaking of commuting to work, I’ve been cycling to and from work 8 miles away everyday since we moved to West London, and I’ve never seen the roads so quiet as today, so I will continue to enjoy the quiet but cold commute.

Although I managed to wrangle a parking space from building security for New Year’s Eve, when I took Percy, as I was collecting Cabette from nursery in the afternoon. I wouldn’t normally even consider driving given the traffic and congestion charge, but there was hardly any traffic (at least in comparison to a normal working week in central London) and congestion charge is suspended between Christmas and New Year, so I took full advantage. I did have to warn security that I drive a London taxi so when they see me on CCTV at the gates, not to think it’s just a cabby turning, but to let me into the undercroft.

It was the smoothest drive into town, 25 minutes into Holborn, with the A4, Knightsbridge, Shaftsbury Avenue all virtually empty. I did get some interesting looks from people as I’m sure there aren’t many Fairways that are in town very often now.

And as I left reception to the undercroft, the building security lady told me she’s been inspired to get a taxi having seen Percy!