It was my 30th a few weeks ago and Nina and I hired the Skittle Alley in The Black Lion pub near Hammersmith to celebrate with some friends and family.

Nina was in charge of the decorations and bought 2 large balloons (3 and 0, naturally) and several other bits like napkins. Cabette loved holding onto the balloons but I didn’t trust her not to let go during the 15 minute walk to the pub. We also packed enough toys (the size of a tuck box!) to keep her entertained throughout the day so Percy it was!

30th birthday balloons in fairway driver taxi

A colleague of mine used to bring cakes that her Mother had baked into the office, and they were always delicious, so I asked her if her Mum would mind baking me my birthday cake if I paid her. I was very fortunate she said yes, because the end result was a delicious and above all a visual surprise! I was expecting a Madeira sponge with white icing and possibly Happy 30th iced onto it.

Fariway Driver Taxi birthday cake

It also tasted as good as it looked!

It was also time for Percy’s MOT last week which meant a trip to the all knowing cab driver and mechanic Danny in Walthamstow. It’s a bit of a trip for us now that we live in Chiswick, but leaving bright and early in the morning on Saturday meant that there was barely any traffic.

Danny gave Percy the once over and tightened a loose front left wheel bearing, then it was off round the corner to Ian’s garage for the MOT. I chatted to him about motorbikes as he has 8 and although I had sold mine I’m still fond of them.

Once back at Danny’s to have the battery isolator switch fitted to Percy, another Fairway pulled up behind Percy and a gentlemen called Alastair came over and said he recognised Percy from this blog.

I got chatting to Alastair from Lewisham who along with his wife also own their Fairway for leisure, but were having issue with it’s temperamental approach to starting, hence he was at Dannys.
While chatting, I discovered a very unusual feature of Alastair’s Fairway, a rear electric sunroof! from a Renault Twingo. I’m also rather jealous of the wooden steering wheel…

Fairway Driver Taxi rear sunroof


7 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. Excellent stuff. I’m on cab number four at the moment – Zosia. She was a ‘musher’s’ cab so is in pretty good condition. BTW I spotted one of the last Fairways outside Moorfields eye hospital on Wednesday. The cabbie said he will keep her going as long as he can as she is a petrol engine with a gas conversion.

    Cheers Simon

    • Hi Simon,

      Thanks for your comment. Always good to hear from a fellow Fairway owner. I’ve not seen a working Fairway for months now. A petrol/gas conversion sounds rare.
      Danny the cabbie/mechanic has a 60s FX4 with ‘bunny ear’ indicators with a manual gearbox which he uses privately. It has an original ‘for hire sign’ in the passenger window, which is more like a box than a sign. I don’t think there are many of those left.

      Kind regards

      Paul, Nina and Percy

      • Cheers Paul,

        I work in London but live down in sunny Worthing. Bizarrely enough I know of 1 working example and 2 garaged up FX3s in the area. The working FX3 has a wonderful leather interior and the smell makes me think I’m 3 again in my Dads A35! however, it runs on cross ply tyres so i hear its a rather challenging drive on major roads.

        Ta Simon

        • Hi Simon,

          I do like the shape of the FX3 but I’ve also heard that they only really do 50mph and the handling is also rather interesting, so it does make driving on modern roads a challenge.
          They must be quite rare though, or at least outside of Worthing!

          Kind regards

          Paul, Nina and Percy

        • Hi Tim,

          Congratulations on your purchase of Bertie. We hope you have as much fun owning and driving a Fairway as we have with Percy.
          Good luck with the blog, it’s nice to read experiences of other owners.

          Kind regards

          Paul, Nina and Percy

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