New Home

We’ve been rather busy over the past few months, hence the lack of posts. We have moved away from St. John’s Wood in North West London to leafy Chiswick in West London. Percy has of course come with us and is happily parked on the street outside our flat.
Percy has been wonderfully reliable this summer if a little bit warm inside. He has been ideal for moving the mountain of belongings we’ve built up over the past 5 years. We did several trips to the charity shops, and I did many return trips to the new flat to paint it, ready for Nina and Cabette.

We must have done 6 return trips all fully laden with bags and boxes, and even then we still needed a large transit van to move the rest of our belongings to the new flat.

Fairway Driver Chiswick

We are settling into our new flat and area nicely, and although I used to work round the corner there are still many places to explore. We haven’t needed Percy much recently due to our explorations on foot, so I’ve bought a battery isolator switch to add to the negative terminal in the battery and it just makes it much easier to disconnect the battery with a twist of the wheel, as opposed to having to loosen the connection everytime with a small wrench or pliers.

Percy also has a new side kick, Clarke. He’s a monstrous jump starter (Clarke 4000) for car batteries. I believe it starts petrol engines up to 6 litres and diesel engines up to 4.5 litres. What was rather amusing was that Nina passed the local funfair today and saw a Clarke attached to some leads of a ferris wheel. So if anyone needs to jump start a fire engine or power a ferris wheel, get a Clarke!

I was driving Percy to see a friend in Brixton yesterday when half way through a corner the steering went very heavy and I heard a snap in the engine area. It was the alternator belt and it was shredded.
I pulled up and crawled under Percy to get as much of the shredded belt as I could out and got 2 replacement belts from the boot (he has two belts, one to run the alternator and the other to operate the power steering pump). I tried for the life of me to fit them but it’s very similar to the last stage of replacing your bicycle tyre where you need thumbs of steel to push the final part of the rubber tyre over the rim but on a bigger scale. I completely failed and swore profanely at Percy.
I gave up and called the AA and even then it took both myself and the AA man to fit the belts, with him turning the engine from underneath Percy and me pushing the belt in while he spun the cam slowly to get the belt over the it.

We came back from a holiday in Spain last week, and having parked up at the local supermarket, we walked past a rather familiar sight.

rear of fairway driver taxi in mercadona carpark benitachell spain

fairway driver taxi in mercadona benitachell spain

I have no idea how the owner managed to drive it without melting, because it was probably 35 degrees celsius and I’d bet that the heating is stuck on like Percys. Still, I’m sure he enjoyed driving it in Spain, but I definitely wouldn’t dream of driving Percy to Spain, especially in the summer. He is barely comfortable in a 25 degree British ‘heatwave!’


2 thoughts on “New Home

  1. Glad to hear that Percy is still running smoothly. (Well as good as). I took Brian down to the South of France last year and was very thankful for his air conditioning. A very smiley police lady in Chiswick gave Brian a thumbs up when I went past a few months ago, so I’m sure that you’ll enjoy it over there. I’ll give you a toot if I see you,
    Griff .

    • Hi Griff,

      We’re very jealous of Brian’s air conditioning!
      Percy’s not broadened his horizons much, he’s very much a London chap.
      He’s become a bit of a celebrity with the local residents though. I’ve been told several times now by several people when I get out of Percy, ‘I’ve been wondering who owns this taxi, you’re not a taxi driver are you? what a great idea.’
      Give us a toot if you see Percy around.
      Kind regards
      Paul, Nina and Percy

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