Day out in Greenwich

It’s been a very busy few months, with flat hunting and a rapidly developing Cabbette, hence the dearth of posts recently.

People always say your life changes when you have children, and not just the big things like needing a bigger flat/house or starting to save for nursery etc, but your daily life. A good example was Friday night. Towards the end of the working day, conversations in the office turned to ‘what are people doing tonight?’ with lots going out to eat or meeting friends for drinks before moving onto a club somewhere in Soho or Clapham, but me? I was off to Asda for some disposable changing mats because they were on offer and we were running low. In fact, I’d driven to the Asda in Park Royal (about 6 miles away) when there were 2 Sainsburys and 2 Waitroses closer to home because the mats were on offer in Asda. I genuinely wouldn’t change it for the world though. I just find the contrast with my similarly aged colleagues amusing, but then Nina and I have done all that over the past few years. The traffic wasn’t bad for a Friday night though and I enjoyed the drive in Percy, he felt much swifter without Nina or Cabbette in the back, but don’t tell them that.

I’d always been a fan of Greenwich Park, since I wandered through it when waiting for Nina and my sister while they were at a wedding show in the nearby Excel centre. And with the beautiful weather on the weekend, we decided to take Cabbette with us for a visit. She’s starting to pay more attention to her surroundings now so we debated whether it was time to ditch the aircraft carrier attachment (carrycot) and install the seat, but she was still a little small for the seat so we kept the aircraft carrier for a little longer.

Paul and Stokke in Greenwich

It was also Percy’s first longish run for a little while, and it was a very pleasant journey in the morning sunshine and quiet roads (difficult to believe I know). I even had to open the driver compartment windows, not without reaching under the steering column to pinch the wire for the windows to actually work. We found a parking space right at the top of Greenwich Park by the Observatory, and I quickly assembled the aircraft carrier before we took a lovely stroll around the grounds.

Fairway Driver London Taxi Greenwich Observatory

We played with Cabbette on the grass and Nina fed her, before we wandered towards the Cutty Sark, while deciding what to have for lunch. We came to the conclusion that a sit-down lunch in a restaurant in the sunshine, tempting though it was, was probably not going to last with Cabbette teething.

Stokke Xplory Cutty Sark

So, it was a footlong Subway for me and Fish and Chips to go for Nina. We took it back to the top of Greenwich Park and were eating it on the grass, enjoying the views over London, when the wind started to pick up and Cabbette was having nature blown into her eyes, so we decided to finish our food ‘inside’ and simply sat in the back of Percy. Nina and Cabbette in the back seats and me on one of the fold-down seats. We got some interesting looks from people who were trying to find somewhere to finish their lunch out of the wind. I’ve been meaning to find a small fold up picnic table to go in the back of Percy to complete the ‘dining room’ but have yet to find a suitable size.

Nina and Dilly in Greenwich

We will be moving flats next week, so Percy should come in very handy for the move. I’m so confident that he can do most of it, I’ve only hired a van for a couple of hours to do the large furniture, with then intention of Percy doing the rest (bags and boxes).


5 thoughts on “Day out in Greenwich

  1. Nice read about your latest taxi outing, children do change your life a lot and its hard to find time to do things so not surprised you have not had a chance to up date your blog. My ex London Fairway has the window problem some times the electric window will not open some times it will not shut, found if I move the wires behind the fuse box they work again. Must be Fairway thing. Only had it a week but been all over in it as we like it so much our other car has stayed parked!

    • It’s amusing to hear another fellow fairway has the same window issues as Percy.
      We’re glad you’re having such a great time with your taxi too. Percy has been very busy this week, moving us and our earthly possessions out of one flat and into another 10 miles away. He’s done at least 7 trips back and forth. Our new neighbours are already rather taken by him.
      Happy motoring,
      Paul, Nina and Percy

  2. Good to see another fairway getting a new lease of life. The old Fairways owners club and web site have finished,to help fellow fairway drivers keep in tough I’ve started a fairway forum Please come and say hello,it’s not a commercial web site or advert etc just a free forum for people like me who love these rattly old icons.

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