Short but not sweet

If we decide to go anywhere in Percy, I always try to remember to start him first before we go through the process of folding the spacepram and the carseat/seatbelt operation, mostly because I’m probably subconsciously expecting him not to start.

One Sunday, I got complacent and strapped Cabette in and folded the spacepram before I turned the key in the ignition. Several attempts later I gave up, with the 2.7 diesel still dormant.

I think this is the fourth time we’ve had to call out a roadside rescue service to jump start Percy but on this occasion it wasn’t down to us leaving any lights on. I realised that the majority of his journey, especially over the past few weeks, have been very short indeed.

HSBC roadside recovery was very good though and with a 2 month old ‘in the car’ (we were actually at home) they sent someone out straight away and were with us in 30 minutes.

So, thanks to Olympic Recovery, Percy was back up and running but we had to take him for a run to charge up the battery, and this time not just another 6 mile round trip in traffic.

We decided somewhere about an hours drive away should suffice and I found a suitable pub, The Chequers Inn near Aylesbury, in a village called Weston Turville.

It was a beautifully sunny day and a pleasant drive with no traffic. We didn’t stay for food but agreed we’d return to sample it at a later date, as the restaurant and menu looked good.

Stokke Xplory in Fairway Driver Taxi

After a drink and confident that the battery was fully charged we made our way back to London after a pleasant day out. However, I started to notice that Percy’s gears were slipping again, this time in 3rd (top) gear, with a sensation that the gearbox just wasn’t transferring the power to the wheels, especially uphill. We know the gearbox is on it’s last legs but it handles slow city driving and multiple gear changes just fine. I guess its achilles is full power hill climbs, which I’m sure was what killed it last time.

When we got back to London, Percy decided second gear was overrated and that going from first to third is much more fun, and I could definitely smell burnt transmission fluid. Then what he thought would be even more useful was to use third gear while performing a U-Turn. Luckily, that was to park up and we haven’t tried him again yet. Fingers crossed Percy starts next time and if he does, he uses sensible gear choices.



6 thoughts on “Short but not sweet

  1. Hi!
    No doubt high time to pay a second visit to Carl at Globe Transmission, who will probably be able to graft a “new” reconditionned box to the hailing Percy! (perhaps costly, but will cure the problem definitely.)

  2. I would seem that Percy needs a gentle reintroduction to starting after a nice rest. Turn on the ignition more than once to warm the plugs before actually starting him. That way he will not awake with a shock.

    • Thanks Cabbieblog,
      We did try warming the plugs like that as it was a cold morning but the battery just didn’t quite have enough to turn the engine over.
      Nevermind, we’ll just have to drive a little more often. A good excuse to get out and about.
      Kind regards
      Paul, Nina and Percy

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