Fairway Lullaby

We’re stretching our feet a little more now, venturing beyond just the local shops and 15 minute bus rides to Oxford Street, and we finally made a break for it last weekend. We were heading out to Chiswick to try a Brasserie recommended to me by several colleagues that I’d never got round to sampling. It’s called Sam’s Brasserie and is hidden away behind the Barley Mow pub, just off Chiswick High Road. Although we could have taken the bus, we opted for Percy as we hadn’t taken him for a run in a while.
Little Cabette was a slightly agitated by something or another when we left the flat and was crying in her Starship Enterprise buggy (it’s about the same size) when we reached Percy. I thought I’d start the engine (just to check that he would actually start after 2 weeks of inactivity) first before fitting the car seat and folding the Starship. I had two surprises; Percy started first time, and Cabette stopped crying straight away. She stayed quiet and slept from then, through the faff of fitting the car seat, and all the way to Chiswick. So, yet another use for a 22 year-old 2.7L Nissan Diesel engine… I might have to record it on my ‘phone to play at bedtime at home.

We had a lovely lunch even though we only managed a table at the bar as we hadn’t booked. Nina had the fish and chips and I had the spicy chicken with coleslaw. With it being winter, Percy’s steering fluid leak has started again, so I strongly suspect the rubber seal has hardened and with the metal contracting in the cold his leak is worse, so I top up the steering fluid every few weeks, or at least when I can.

Also, with the recent heavy rain I noticed that the leak in Percy’s boot is worse, or perhaps it’s just the sheer amount of rain that has fallen recently making it seem that way, but the towels I had in there were soaking wet. Still, I’d rather a leaky boot if it means we stay leak-free in the driver and passenger compartments. I was particularly grateful for the leak free interior when we were making our way back from Pets at Home near Kew, when a huge thunderstorm erupted above us, with rain drops almost the size of Mimi the rabbit coupled with full thunder and lightening. It was almost too much for the ancient windscreen wipers to cope with and I had to tap the windscreen a couple of times when they started slowing down.

So, it maybe wise to carry a few buckets in Percy in anticipation…