Room for one more

We hope everyone had a happy Christmas and New Year!

We haven’t posted for a few weeks, as we have been kept busy with our new baby girl…
It turns out that the Fairway is a pretty useful mode of transport for a woman in labour, as finding sitting down uncomfortable due to being 4cm dilated, a large floor space with 2 door handles to hold onto was ideal for kneeling, all the way (all 10 minutes of it) to the hospital on Boxing Day morning. We did get some interested looks from the queue of people outside Madame Tussauds, who must have thought the baby was being delivered in the back of the Fairway.
I do wish I had practised a little more with the car seat, as it wasn’t a quick getaway from the hospital the next day. Trying to work out how to get the seat belt around car seat correctly is more complicated than it sounds! The midwife who saw us out of the hospital asked which car was ours as we approached the row of parked cars and she couldn’t understand why we drove a London taxi when we’re not cabbies. We went through the usual “Well, why not? We live in London, what better car to drive?” She left slightly bemused but also bored after watching my protracted effort with the car seat.

All the Christmas decorations, including those in Percy, have migrated back to the recesses of the cupboards, to be replaced by baby furniture (Percy included). It’s rather useful that he can take a fully loaded pram unfolded, along with a car seat and a couple of passengers comfortably in the back, as we haven’t bought the most collapsible/compact pram on the market. In fact, if it was a car, it’d be a black cab… fantastic turning circle, weighs a tonne, and about as aerodynamic as a house, especially against side winds. Still, the perfect choice for us and our lifestyle.


However, like Mimi the rabbit, Percy hasn’t been garnering a lot of attention from us recently, even after his very important duties in taking us to the hospital and back.

Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we can all go for a day trip somewhere once we’ve found our feet as new parents.