Festive Fairway

The festive season is in full flow and all 10 boxes (no kidding) of Christmas decorations have made their annual migration from loft to living room, with a few members of the flock left behind en route due to unexpected turbulence (I broke a chair).

We’re unashamed fans of Christmas and the tree tends to be well covered, to the point where the tree isn’t really visible, it’s more like a plinth of decorations in the shape of a tree. A good friend actually asked if the tree came decorated and we simply packed it away in one, because he couldn’t believe that Nina would spend that long decorating it!

Percy didn’t get off lightly from all the festive festooning. What’s worst for him is that I was allowed to be in charge, which meant that I looked for decorations of questionable taste at best and darn right tacky at worst. I’m not sure why I took such pleasure in it but here’s the end result, with a few more pieces still to be added. I’ve already spotted a few cheeky snaps being taken by passers-by outside the flat. Maybe we’ll also get hailed less when we’re out in Percy now.

Christmas Wreath on Fairway Driver Taxi

Fairway Driver London Taxi Christmas decoration

Yes, that really is a Fairway taxi bauble


We welcomed December with our traditional mulled wine party for friends and family, mind you it was a poor turnout by the fam’ this year… it was all friends and no family.

In a change from tradition, there was the option of non-alcoholic mulled apple juice this year, and the lovely gifts were more of the baby clothing kind than the alcoholic sort. You’d expect the topics of conversations to be mainly around babies and the joys (or not) of parenthood, but those I was involved in actually centred on the amusement and subsequent ridicule of writing a blog on my car….fair enough I say, but it’s still good fun and I just enjoy writing it. Its probably my comeuppance for once setting one of these friend’s flight simulator game to a nose dive, when he had set his autopilot to fly from London to LA, planning on landing when he returned. He’s never got over it, his dreams of being a pilot ruined. He’s now turned to alcohol, albeit mainly selling it.

Another topic of seemingly endless amusement was the limited mileage we have for Percy (3,000 miles for the year). Cue jokes of one way trips to the supermarket and getting the bus back home. Speaking of which, we did receive the insurance renewal form last week and the quote has increased from £200 to £460, but this is for 6,000 miles (up from 3,000 as I had to purchase an additional 3,000 a few months ago, of which we’ve only used 800). I think I’m going to ask for a quote for 3,000 miles again, confident in the fact that we won’t need 6000 miles next year. So he says…

Pet rabbit in Fairway Driver London Taxi

No one escapes Christmas in this household!