Fairway Driver MOT

Percy’s new battery is going strong and it’s time for his MOT, so we took him to Danny the mechanic in Walthamstow to be checked over first. Apart from a few minor things that might be picked up on, Danny said Percy should sail through the MOT and sure enough, 2 hours later, we received the call to say that he had passed his MOT with only a replacement reverse light and 2 new tracking rod ball joints for the steering. Hurrah!

Fairway Driver London taxi MOT check

Open wide!

With his new MOT, Percy took us to Ikea where we bought a fair amount of furniture and at the checkout we saw a queue of ‘self-hire delivery drivers’ ready with their vans waiting to pounce on us, figuring that we wouldn’t have brought a van (of course we couldn’t fit all our purchases in a normal car). Sure enough, we were greeted by several men offering different rates to drive us and our newly acquired Ikea flat-packs home.

This only made me more determined to fit everything into Percy, although I had no idea at the time whether it would actually all go in or if we’d be left red-faced and have to go back to the crowd of drivers with our tail between our legs asking for a lift.

Well, here’s the result… it was very close and we had to take the arm chair out of it’s packaging, but we did it! So that’s 2 adults, a wardrobe, changing table/shelving unit, cot, baby mattress, bathroom cabinet, bedside table and an armchair in one Fairway driver. Granted, all except the armchair were flat-packed but impressive none the less?

Fairway Driver taxi Ikea wembley

Just before the storm (St. Jude) arrived, we took Mimi the rabbit for a walk in the autumn sunshine, which she seemed to enjoy. I was wondering whether it was a good idea to leave Percy parked up beneath a tree but I really didn’t think that this ‘storm’ would be too bad, especially at the time we were walking Mimi with not a wisp of wind in the air.

pet rabbit eating autumn leaves in Rembrandt Gardens London

However, as you can see below, it really was pretty brutal in London. When we were woken up by it at 6.30am on Monday morning I was praying that Percy wouldn’t be squashed under another tree.

Fallen tree st Jude's strom St John's Wood Road London

Luckily Percy survived, but I should follow my intuition next time and find another parking spot.


5 thoughts on “Fairway Driver MOT

  1. That’s a bloody good looking taxi.

    What kind of MPG do you get on that?

    What material is the steering wheel made out of?

    Do you have any issues with the offside indicator? I hear Fairways are rumoured to have some problems along those lines, though I suspect it’s TX4 owners spreading lies due to their own reliability glitches.

    • Hi David,

      Many thanks for your kind comment.
      We’ve not actually worked out the MPG yet, but a safe guess would be around the 25mpg mark, as we mainly do short to medium distance journeys.
      We actually want a wooden steering wheel for Percy but we’re not too sure what the current original is made of. We’ll definitely let you know if we find out though.
      We’ve not had any issues with either indicators on our Fairway at the moment, the electrics are uncharacteristically reliable in Percy, and we’ve not heard other owners having particular issues with the offside indicator. If any part is a little temperamental, it’s the windscreen wipers. They sometimes get stuck half way back down, and we find ourselves banging on the windscreen to get them moving again. It get’s better with ‘proper’ rain, not the annoying fine/drizzly stuff.
      Kind regards
      Paul, Nina and Percy

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